OMG!! Man with 39 wives, 94 children wants to have more!!!

An Indian man who has more than 30 wives, and more than 90 children has just announced that he is looking to extend his huge family.
Ziona Chana is a 66-year-old man who is the leader of a Christian religious sect called the Chana. Chana is married to 39 women and he has 94 children. Chana lives in northeastern India, in a 100-room, four-story home. Chana says that he once married 10 women in just one year alone.
Sources say that the enormous family consumes around 200lbs of rice and around 130lbs of potatoes every single day. Rinkmini is one of Chana’s wives, and she says that Chana is the most important person in the house, as well as the most handsome person in the entire village that they live in.
Chana told sources that he is willing to go to any extent to get married again. He says that he is ready to expand his family.
Everybody works as a team to get the cleaning done, take care of the family and they work together to eat. The wives are kept in a dormitory. Chana marries poor women in the village so that he can look after them and take care of them, according to one of Chana’s sons.
Chana says that he considers himself to be a lucky man. He met his oldest wife when he was just 17, and she is three years older than Chana.
The religious sect allows polygamy, and the sect was formed in 1942. As of now the sect has a membership of around 400 families. -end

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