Deasty Zasqiya

Call me, Dea or Dey!

8 February, I’m #Aquarian.

Since 1991 🎉

I humbly and proudly announce you, that I’ve been dedicated my life for my beautiful daughter, kak Celine Ramadanty D.L for the rest of my life… YAZ! I LOVE HER SO MUCH, since the first day she’s stuck on my tummy whehe 😛💕 (8 Juli 2015).

Born in Malang, but raised by my Mom as a single parent, she’s Balinese (100% Balinese and also she’s Mualaf), so I’m proud to say that I AM Balinese as well 😉 hoho.

Allah SWT is my Lord, Islam is my life, Qur’an is my guide, Prophet Muhammad is my role model <- copied from Olla Ramlan, lols! (Fyi, she’s a famous artis in my country!)

Love Coffee for boosting before gym or cardio, green tea latte no whip cream! Food lovers and I’ve been trying so HARD to be a vegetarian! But still end up at Shaburi (grilled beef resto) #healthylife #gogreen #masihwacana 🤭

Loved to explore something new, chillin’ with no make up on, Addicted to Skin care product and Face Mask!! shirt, jeans and wedges, no bag only my phone, card, and car key… thank you for not judging! 🙂

I am a working MOM, who trying so HARD to enjoy my daily routine as an employee.

Talkative, tweet a lot (I’m back to tweetworld guys and also back to facebook), instagram is fine, but it’s kinda boring to see everyone’s trying so hard to looking good on social media 🙂 you guys need to be chill… nobody’s perfect!

And I’m quite sensitive, even for the most unimportant thing :p

“Don’t worry, about the thing..
cos’ every little thing, is gonna be alright” (Bob Marley)

Sing… Sing… Sing…

My sister is a workaholic. Go check her on Instagram @debbylalala. she is so pretty 🙂 and now she’s living her Family happily ever after! Btw, her daughter name is Shakila, but we used to call her as Baby Cila ❤️ I love you Cilss…

Had two lil’ brothers, Devan and Deren. I love you Guys!

I love my Family so so so much!!! SO MUCH!!!

Thank God. I’m Blessed 🙂


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